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Hertz Car Hire Company has made a dramatic change to its policy in a bid to attract younger customers. The usual minimum age of either 23 or 25 has been lowered to just 19 making them the first and only company to offer car rental to this age group.

The new age reduction also covers Europe including the following selected locations: Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Hertz is one of the most popular car rental firms in Europe so this move will certainly make an impact on the hire industry.

As an extra incentive to entice the younger driver, Hertz is also offering a 15% student discount on car hire and a 20% discount for students wishing to hire a van. This new scheme is particularly timely as it comes just as the summer holidays get into full swing. The van hire reduction will also be very appealing for those students looking to move into university digs at the beginning of term.

Michel Taride, the president of Hertz Europe, said: “Hertz is the first car rental company to offer consistent pricing across Europe for younger drivers.” This new scheme will open up the company to a new, previously untapped market. If the policy succeeds it’s likely that other car hire companies will also follow suit.

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