Canadian limo crash injures nine revellers

Canadian limo crash injures nine revellers

A limousine chauffeur accidentally ploughed into a group of revellers outside a night club in Calgary, Canada, over the weekend after he saw a distressed man approaching the luxury vehicle wielding a traffic cone.

The bizarre incident occurred in the early hours over the weekend outside Celebrities night club. 9 people sustained minor injuries as a result of the collision with the limo.

According to a police source, the circumstances which lead to the limo accident arose after two men were seen fighting at a nearby petrol station. One of the men was then seen walking towards the night club, where the limo was parked. This man was said to be in a state of distress and seen waving a traffic cone about in a menacing manner.

The man began to approach the limo which was parked up outside the night club. The driver became concerned when he spotted the man walking towards the vehicle wielding the traffic cone, and so decided to accelerate away from his parking spot.

However the limo’s wheels were turned in towards the kerb, so when the chauffeur tried to move away quickly, he accidentally drove over the kerb, and straight into the crowd of people congregated outside the club.

The traffic cone wielding man fled the scene at this point, but was later recaptured by police and has been arrested.

The chauffeur came to the aid of the people he’d struck with the limo, administering first aid until the ambulance arrived. Nine people were treated in hospital for cuts and bruises, all were discharged within 6 hours.

It’s not yet known if the limo chauffeur will also face charges for his part in the incident.

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