The police force is arguably an organisation that requires the fastest of cars, allowing officers to catch criminals and rid of road crime.

The £240,000 McLaren 12c Spider, was revealed at the Autosport International event in Birmingham this week but we will not be seeing the car used for patrolling any time soon.

The super car can do 0-60 in an admirable 3 seconds, very different to the generic panda cop car. The vehicle is actually on loan to the police force from Formula 1 manufacturers McLaren and has caused intrigue through its exhibition.

Chief Inspector Paul Keasey, from West Midlands based Central Motorway Police Group, said: “Shows like this are a fantastic opportunity for us to meet and engage with motorists who are interested in performance cars and are out and about on our roads.”

Police McLaren 10.JPG PC Angus Nairn

PC Angus Nairn from the highly rated BBC TV show Motorway Cops expects this car to have a great impact on criminals, looking forward to getting behind the wheel of such a prodigious car.

“We have taken extraordinary cars to the event before and the response has been overwhelming” he said.

“People literally flock around them. The McLaren 12C is a stunning looking car, capable of high speed. With the police livery it will certainly be very remarkable and look like no other sports car.”

Although a type of car associated with petrol heads and breaking speed limits twofold, is it expected to influence road safety amongst the youth generation.

He said: “Although the car won’t be used operationally on the motorways, at the show we get a lot of interest from younger drivers and those with an interest in performance cars and that gives us the chance to talk with them over issues of road safety.

“Excess speed, using mobile phones, drink driving and not using seatbelts are a few of the topics we will discuss.”

Germany is thought to have the world’s fastest police car, the Brabus Rocket with an attainable speed of 255mph.

Dubai also has a range of supercars in its police fleet, including an Aston Martin One-77 and a Lamborghini Aventador, two of Limo Broker’s favourates!

So, if you were a police officer, what car from our fleet would be your patrol car choice? Leave your comments…