For many the dream wedding can seem financially impossible, with things like wedding competitions being a godsend. Giving happy couples on a budget the chance to exit single life with a bang some get very much involved, going to great lengths to try and bag the prize at hand.

For one bride this need for the ultimate wedding went too far, creating fake email addresses to secure the highest votes for a 25,000 wedding competition. Doing her best to fix the competition her efforts did not go uncovered for long, with the industry having put pillars in place to unveil such ill practice.

This was uncovered by UK advertising watchdog, launching an investigation into the suspicious number of votes this one bride-to-be was receiving.

Hubert Burda Media used an email marketing specialist, Pure360, to monitor the incoming votes, noticing a huge increase in the votes one couple were getting.

The ASA agreed that the publisher took the right action and were right to immediately ban the couple from the competition.

It said: “We understood the complainants’ concerns but we were satisfied that Hubert Burda Media had accounted for the circumstances for the increase in voting pattern for couple B and that couple C’s votes had maintained a steady flow of votes over the voting period. [Hubert Burda Media] had taken reasonable steps to verify the apparently large increase in votes for couple A before taking the decision to disqualify them from the competition. Therefore, we concluded Hubert Burda Media had administered the promotion fairly.”

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