A bride from Dunstable was left in floods of tears on her wedding day after one of her wedding cars was slapped with a parking fine outside the local registry office.

The Black BMW wedding car had chauffeured a disabled family member to the ceremony and had a blue disabled badge parking permit on display at the time the ticket was issued, the bride claims.

39-year-old bride Rebecca Ridgway had even taken the time to check with the venue that it was acceptable to park the said wedding car outside, and was assured it was fine, as long as the blue disabled badge was clearly on display. But despite this, the wedding car was hit by a parking ticket as the bridal party waited outside the venue ahead of the ceremony.

As well as issuing the wedding car with a parking fine, bride-to-be Rebecca also alleges that the female traffic warden was “rude” and also “abusive” which the 39-year-old has detailed in her letter of complaint to the parking regulators and also the council.

The unpleasant incident marred what should have been the happiest day of this bride’s life as she described how her first words to groom Andrew Wilson were, “we’ve got a parking ticket” as she arrived at the ceremony for their wedding blessing.

The couple had married in a ceremony abroad a few months earlier, but the wedding blessing in Dunstable was supposed to be their celebration with their family and friends.

In their defence, the council say that vehicles parked in the area where the ticket was issued must display as parking permit as well as a blue disable badge. The matter is being investigated.