Yesterday was one of the biggest days of the year for weddings with thousands of couples across the world queuing up to get married on the special date of 10/10/10.

China saw more weddings on this date than any other part of the world as the number 10 is especially lucky in Chinese culture as it’s symbolic of completion and perfection.

One Chinese couple were determined to have a wedding to end all weddings on the lucky date and pulled out all the stops to create a big day to remember.

Instead of arriving at her wedding ceremony in the back of a luxurious chauffeur driven limo, the bride arrived on her special day in the Sichuan Province of China riding on the back of a white yak.

The extravagant wedding was thought to have cost 1.6 million Yuan, which works out as approximately £150,000, with the Yak being one of the most expensive items of the day as the animal had to be transported from a far off province of China especially for the ceremony.

It’s been reported that the couple paid 100,000 Yuan, about £9,500, to have the white long-haired bovine beast transported from Yunnan Province to the wedding venue in another part of the country.

The wedding yak certainly had the desired effect as the streets came to standstill as the bride made her way through the city to her wedding ceremony riding on top of the white wedding yak.

Despite the success of the wedding yak, the newlyweds also had a black Aston Martin on standby to make their getaway following the ceremony.

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