Boxer Anthony Joshua gifts ex trainer with a sleek BMW

Boxer Anthony Joshua gifts ex trainer with a sleek BMW

A trainer at Finchley Amateur Boxing Club has been gifted a brand new BMW by his former student, Anthony Joshua.

Professional boxer Anthony Joshua has tracked down his former coach, Sean Murphy, to gift him a brand new BMW automobile. It’s his way of thanking Murphy who he says “saved his life”.

Soon AJ will fight Wladimir Klitschko, and wanted to thank the man who helped him at the very first stages of his career.

During a BBC documentary, the boxer revealed: ““When I was younger I was partying, I was getting in trouble, I had the court cases.

“This was the time I thought, ‘What will I do with myself?’. I’d found boxing while on bail and I had the opportunity to go to Vegas to fight.

“So I told my site manager I would go to Vegas and be back in two weeks.

The documentary shows the stunned Murphy receiving the £95,000 car. Former brick layer AJ also added a personalised registration plate which features the coach’s name.

Joshua added: “He said, ‘Nah, if you’re not here someone else can take your job. You choose what you want to do’.  So, I ended up going to Vegas.

“I was f***** before boxing. That was my reckless days when I was smoking. Boxing really helped me get on the straight and narrow.

“It was at my first boxing club where I learned discipline. How to forget your ego and listen to instructions if you want to achieve things.

“Sean would say, ‘Shut up, get on the bags, stop talking’. He told me to stay focused.

“These guys will always have their door open for me, no matter what. I’ll never forget who has been there when no one was.”

AJ has stated how grateful he is to Murphy for steering him away from crime, and told the coach that this is only the first of the gifts he will receive.

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