According to reports, the BMW X7 series is set to make its debut at the Frankfurt motor show. This is scheduled so that the concept is unveiled before the final model is put on sale in 2018.

Along with the 7 Series, the Mercedes GLS and Range Rover will be at the top of its model range. A version of the production car will be shown to the public in the show alongside the 6 Series GT, the i3S and the next X3.

Many have spotted the X7 being tested several times, which has offered a look at the SUV’s scale and design. This motor will be the biggest SUV to have ever been manufactured by BMW. It features a traditional SUV shape, and a flat bonnet.

Additionally, the car will have halo daytime running lights and kidney grilles.

Developed with the US and Chinese markets in mind, the BMW X7 has now been confirmed for the UK market. This has been noted by Ian Robertson, who is head of sales and marketing.

In a statement at the New York motor show, Robertson said: “We will have some versions that are top-end luxury, as well as more mainstream versions. I can’t talk about pricing now, but given that this car will have all the technology and luxury of the 7 series, it gives you a pretty good idea of the price point we’re talking about.”

Robertson has also confirmed that all parts are bespoke. This comes after there was speculation with regards to the X7 being built on X5 underpinnings.

“If you put both cars next to each other, the resemblance is small in terms of wheelbase etc. We’re not going to just extend the wheelbase, it’s a complete new panel cell.”

According to BMW, the concept has been under development for the past two years. It does look pretty impressive and is set to be a popular choice for future car buyers.

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