Groom creates own unique wedding car

Groom creates own unique wedding car

Love-struck groom Mark Butler certainly wanted the world to know how much he adored his bride-to-be on their big day, and boy, did he succeed. After agreeing with his betrothed to hire a vintage wedding car for the occasion, the 27 year-old decided to make some special amendments to their wedding day transport.

The smitten train driver from Basingstoke decided to declare his love by plastering it along the side of his own car. After having graphics made up with the words “Just Married” Mark decided to go one step further. He then proceeded to have their own faces emblazoned on the side of the VW Passat and the date of their wedding.

The romantic stunt was kept firmly under wraps with only the best man and the photographer in on it. The proud groom presented his new wife with his heart-felt gesture after their ceremony in Basingstoke Registry Office, whilst the couple had their photos taken in the War Memorial Park. This was no mean feat as Mark had to obtain special permission from the council to allow him to drive the decorated wedding car into the park.

His hard work paid off. The new Mrs Butler was thrilled with the thoughtful token, she said “I didn’t know anything about it and I was shocked because I couldn’t imagine where the idea came from.” Before adding “I think it just shows how much he loves me, especially with the amount of thought and planning that went into it.”

The legacy of the love car lives on as the newlyweds lap up the attention their unique wedding car has been attracting. Mark’s new wife, Tonya, explained that they’ve experienced “lots of beeping and people saying congratulations at traffic lights – it’s been fantastic.”

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