As well as limited addition vehicles and black tie events, Bentley are also launching a book to celebrate 100 years in business. Weighing a whopping 66 pounds, the giant photographic book will include a series of never-seen-before photographs, showing many classic and new models in all their glory.

Called “Bentley Centenary Opus”, the coffee table book is set to be truly spectacular, with pages being 1.5 square feet with some gatefold pages measuring a whopping six feet across.

Created by Bentley in partnership with publisher, Opus, the luxury car brand gave Opus access to their archive of images as well as showrooms and factories. This allowed them to paint a picture of what Bentley has achieved during their 100 years as leading car manufacturers.

The book will be released in three editions; Crewe, Centenary, and Mulliner.

Crewe is said to be the smallest with the lowest price tag while the others will sport a much heftier one; a price that could be as high as £30,000. Apparently 100 of these books will be printed first, meaning they are expected to make at least £3000,000 from the first run alone.

Opus recently worked on a similar project with Ferrari; a very successful project that was hugely profitable for both Ferrari and the publishing house.

100 years of greatness

Hitting this milestone is certainly something to celebrate. In addition to the book, Bentley are also marking their birthday with a Special Edition Mulsanne, one in which we at Limo Broker are incredibly excited for.

Let us know what your thoughts are. Are Bentley going overboard with these birthday celebrations or is 100 years of success something to shout from the rooftops about?