As one of the world’s ultimate prestige brands Bentley never compromise on perfection, renowned for creating mechanical masterpieces. This month they have teased us with the Bentley Bentayga, a car that strikes a chord with us here at Limo Broker.

The SUV markets itself as an off-roading monster, a car that combines the beauty of Bentley design with an aggressive approach to speed and ability. Echoing the sentiment of the increasingly popular Audi Q7 the SUV is set to take a front seat in 2016 car sales.


Daniel Ford, Sales Manager at Limo Broker understands the need for such an alternative design focus.

‘Nowadays people are looking for vehicles that tick all the boxes, demanding attractiveness and aggression simultaneously. This is why we ate Limo Broker are extending out vehicle range to include sizeable vehicles of this nature, catering to the UK’s ever-changing style’.

Encouraging an influx of reviews the Bentayga has passed the British car test with aplomb, with bloggers, reviewers and test-drivers all hailing the new Bentley model a resounding success.


Put in the safe hands of the Telegraph’s reviewers, the car seemed to go down a storm, with the publication heavily endorsing its features.

‘From behind the wheel, the Bentley feels every bit as accomplished and adaptable as you could wish. Eight driving modes – four on-road, four off-road – ensure it can cope with aplomb over any terrain by subtly altering engine response, air-suspension settings, active anti-roll bars and everything in between.’


With a starting price of £160,000 Bentley certainly have their sights set on the higher end of the market, attracting those that want to be seen in the latest addition to the Bentley fleet.

Let us know what you think, could you pay £160,000 for a basic version of the Bentayga? Leave your comments below.