Vinnie Jones in celeb BB walk out threat

Vinnie Jones in celeb BB walk out threat

Bosses on Big Brother are reportedly very concerned that their star contestant could walk from the show after complaining about a lack of sleep. On Wednesday night, the footballer-turned actor only managed to get 4 hours worth of shut eye and is said to be “irritable” as a result.

Despite only being in the house a matter of days, the 45-year-old, who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, has already confessed in the diary room that the idea of leaving the show is very appealing. He’s also joked that he could leave the programme and go and visit his two elderly grandmothers who live a stone’s throw from the BB house in Hertfordshire.

Talking to fellow contestants, Vinnie admitted he didn’t think he could “go the distance” and last the full three weeks inside the BB house.

A tabloid newspaper reported this week that the hardman had signed a lucrative £350,000 contract to appear on the show, should he walk as opposed to getting voted out, this fee could well be in jeopardy.

If Vinnie is relying on the Great British public to get him out of the show, he may have to think again. Despite his reluctance to be in the programme, the bookies have him down as the favourite to win the show, proving he’s popular with the TV audience and therefore unlikely to get the shove from them.

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