Rapper Bow Wow sued over unpaid limo hire bill

Rap star Bow Wow is facing a bill of $4,000 after a limo hire company took the music performer to court over an unpaid bill. This recent lawsuit marks the second time the 25-year-old rapper has been on the receiving end of a court order this year as Bow Wow was sued earlier in 2012 and ordered to pay $90,000 for a tour bus he’d hired but failed to pay for.

The most recent lawsuit saw a limousine rental company in Georgia take the rap star to court over after Bow Wow ran up a bill for transport hire with the company, but left without paying the firm the money he owed. After the rapper failed to turn up for the court appearance last week, it’s been reported that the judge issued a default judgement ordering Bow Wow, real name Shad Gregory Moss, to settle the bill totalling $4,000.

Sources close to the rapper, who has been performing professionally since the age of 13, say he’s attempting to get on top of his finances after a succession of bad business ventures. The rapper and actor first burst onto the music scene with his debut album, Beware the Dog, under the stage name Lil’ Bow Wow in 2000. He’s since dropped the “Lil’” and is now known simply as Bow Wow.

However it seems Bow Wow wasn’t going to let the recent lawsuit over the unpaid limo hire bill get him down, as he played a sell-out concert with Keri Hilson in Ghana as part of the Underrated World Tour last weekend.

Limo hire industry campaigner’s views on illegal operator clampdowns and changes to licensing laws

Recognised limousine hire industry campaigner, Bill Bowling, and Legislation Officer at the National Limousine and Chauffeur Association (NLCA) has revealed his personal view on the recent VOSA operation to clamp down on illegal operators within the limo industry and also his opinion on proposed changes to licensing laws for limos and wedding cars operating in the UK. Read on to hear the limo hire professional’s take on the latest developments within the industry…

“As everyone is well aware, there has been a well publicised campaign over quite some weeks now on the premise of ridding the streets of illegal operators. This is something that we all agree with, but the attitude of both the police and VOSA leave a lot to be desired, arrogance and ignorance do not sit well together, and unfortunately operator’s have been subject to both in unhealthy doses.

Bill Bowling

We all accept the need to stop and inspect vehicles, but to stop the same vehicle on seven separate occasions at best seems over zealous and at worst stupidity or victimisation. Also not knowing if a driver needs a B1 or D1 license to drive an eight passenger limousine.

The same applies to turning circle checks applied on a main road in central London (especially when the VOSA  paper on turning circles states 12.5meters diameter when it should be 12.5 metres radius), not a lot of difference there, and delays that almost seem deliberate to inconvenience the customer. Come on now – let’s have fair play and common sense!

There have always been delays in the central processing unit in Leeds, especially when the dreaded word ‘Limousine’ appears on any application. The situation has now reached epidemic proportions, the statutory period is nine weeks for the grant or refusal of a license, however, I cannot remember the time when we saw a license granted within this period. Three, six or even twelve months seem to be deemed acceptable by Leeds.

I think that it is time to remind the Traffic Commissioners that VOSA is there to assist the TC’s in their work, but at the end of the day, the responsibility ultimately rests at the door of the TC. We always work with the authorities to ensure that operators are legal, but we need positive help to achieve this and not the current stonewall attitude.

We wholeheartedly support the Law Commission in their attempts to bring licensing kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, but at what cost? I regret to hear that there may be a consideration to license wedding cars. In view of the governments “red tape challenge”, we should be looking at less legislation and not more. Legislation is fine where it is needed, but can you honestly say that licensing many thousand old classic cars will achieve anything? Firstly to what standard? And secondly, how the devil will a sixty year old car fit in any private hire category? The only thing that I can see it achieving is to drive thousands of classic cars off the wedding circuit and limit the choice for the bride and groom. Since when have we had a serious national problem with the owner of a classic car who may do three or four weddings a year?

In a society where the small business is supposedly the key to breaking free from the recession it begs two questions. Is the limousine and wedding car industry worth saving? The answer is yes! The second question, is the government worth saving? Answers please on the back of a ten pound note to Bill at the NLCA.

In conclusion I can only add that “common sense ain’t too common.” and that the views expressed may not always be the views of the National Limousine and Chauffeur Association, but they certainly are my personal ones. If any of the bodies feels that they have been unfairly criticised I would love to hear chapter and verse as to why?”

Bill Bowling, Legislation Officer, National Limousine and Chauffeur Association

News source: The

American teen scores prom date with NFL star who collects her in a Lamborghini

An American teenager hit the jackpot last week when she sent a cheeky tweet to NFL sports star, Joe Haden, asking if he’d be her date to senior prom after her original date pulled out at the last minute, only for him to accept the offer and take her to school prom in his own white Lamborghini.

18-year-old Joyce Grendel from Ohio never dreamt to get a response from the Cleveland Browns cornerback, let him for him to agree to accompany her to her school prom, but that’s exactly what happened on Friday night. The 23-year-old sports man arrived at the school girl’s house behind the wheel of his white Lamborghini to collect Joyce for their prom date. Joe Haden turned up at the Ohio teenager’s house in a smart grey suit with a deep purple tie so as to match Joyce’s prom dress.

While the 18-year-old friend’s were excited to travel to the Ohio prom in a chauffeur driven limo, Joyce gave the limo ride a miss and instead rolled up to the prom in the white Lamborghini sports car with the NFL player as her date – talk about all your dreams coming true?

The sportsman had a special reason for accepting Joyce’s proposal as Joe didn’t get the chance to attend his school prom as he graduated from school early. Seeing this opportunity as his chance to experience the rite of passage that it is, the Cleveland Browns player jumped at the chance to accompany the youngster to her school prom.

Kylie Minogue takes chauffeur driven limo ride for 75 metre journey

Just a week after Hollywood actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, hit the headlines for opting to hop inside a limo and chauffeured to a venue a few metres away, Kylie Minogue was photographed in London committing the exact same crime.

The pop princess has been seen out and about on the streets of London in the last week filming for her new music video, however it was the singer’s decision to opt for a limo transfer to a second filming location, as opposed to just walking around the corner on her own two legs, which proved the biggest talking point amongst the tabloids.

The Aussie singer was sporting a pair of denim cut off hot pants combined with a leather jacket and spike stiletto heels during filming for her new music video in the capital last Thursday which may explain why the Can’t Get You Out of My Head singer chose to travel in a chauffeured limo to avoid the famous great British weather. Kylie was spotted heading towards the black limo with an assistant carrying an umbrella to shield the star from the drizzling rain.

A tabloid newspaper reported that the former Neighbours actress was filming part of her video at a warehouse in London, before needing to move around the corner to a second location. The distance between the two sets was described by one source as just 75 metres.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s 10 second limo ride revealed

Gwyneth Paltrow’s credentials as an eco-warrior took a serious nosedive this week after she chose to hop onboard a chauffeur driven limo to be whisked a whole 10 meters to a restaurant a few doors away from the Stella McCartney Boutique in LA where the actress had been attending an event.

The 39-year-old actress was one of many celebrity guests at a party held at the Stella McCartney Boutique to celebrate the launch of Paul McCartney’s new single, My Valentine. A whole host of famous faces attended the start studded bash including Orlando Bloom and his wife Miranda Kerr, also Jane Fonda and Gwyneth’s husband, Coldplay front man Chris Martin.

It’s understood that all of the other guests at the bash, including Gwyneth’s hubby Chris, chose to stroll the 10 meters or so from the boutique to the Italian restaurant where the celebrations were carrying on, however the actress and mother of two opted for a chauffeur driven limo ride, which took barley 10 seconds one source claimed.

A spokesperson for Gwyneth Paltrow confirmed that the star had taken the limousine ride between the two venues on security advice.

In the past, the Oscar winning actress has backed environmental campaigns and even appeared in public service announcements on green issues, however The Shakespeare in Love star’s decision to hop in a gas-guzzling limo to travel just a few yards seems to contradict the actress’s commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle.