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"A keen limo enthusiast. During my career I've maintained limos, driven limos, insured limos and pretty much done everything with a limo that a person could do (within reason of course!)" TJ brings this encyclopedic knowledge of the industry to his articles and he has the contacts to make sure Limo Broker News gets the latest scoops first.

Anthony Joshua Vs. Joseph Parker in Cardiff, 31st March 2018

On 31st March, undefeated British heavyweight Anthony Joshua will be arriving in Cardiff for a much-hyped bout against New Zealand’s WBO World Champion Joseph Parker. Both giants in the heavyweight world, their fight promises to be one of the most exciting boxing events of recent years.

If you’re planning on attending the event at the city’s Principality Stadium, you certainly won’t be alone. In fact, more than 70,000 boxing fans are expected to flock to the venue, keen to watch as sporting history is made. And while this will make for a fantastic atmosphere, it also means that you’ll need to put some thought into organising your day.

Hotels & Accommodation..

Although there are accommodation options close to the stadium, these will get booked up quickly, and many fans will find themselves staying in hotels and guesthouses around the city.

Transport to Cardiff (Limos, Coaches, Minibuses – even Helicopters)..

Luckily, that doesn’t need to be a problem. Just give Lim Broker a call, and you’ll benefit from our years of experience in organising transport to sporting events. With a variety of cars available at competitive rates, we can take the hassle out of your travel arrangements and ensure that you arrive comfortably at the fight, with plenty of time to spare.

Going with a group of mates and fancy kicking things off in style? We’ve got a fantastic selection of limousines such as Lincoln Tonwncar’, Bentleys, Rolls Royce’ and more. Or, for something really special, why not try out one of our novelty limousines complete with extras like dance floors and on board bars?

We’ve also got an excellent range of coaches and minibuses that are ideal for travelling to the fight from any location. And with everything from spacious double and single decker vehicles to compact minibuses and more, we can cater for parties of all sizes.

So if you want to stop worrying about transport and start looking forward to the biggest fight of the year, give us a call today!

Limo Broker launches brand new website

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website, with our partner designers at MOBO Media working tirelessly to get the new site and system up and running before Christmas.

As the face of our business, our website is where most of our customers are introduced to our fleet, services  and car hire packages, therefore needs to be as welcoming and informative as possible. Through updated images of our vehicles, a new booking facility as well as refreshed, helpful content, we are proud to promote the redesign to both the industry and our valued customers.

Looking to roll out a series of updates and developments in 2017, the new website design has been modernised; boasting improved functionalities, loading quicker and is a lot easier to navigate. Supporting our aim to provide a seamless limo and car hire service, the new site will extend on our no-fuss style, giving brides, prom queens, party planners and hen parties a quick and easy way to plan their events.

Online booking system

One feature that received a great  response is the online booking system; a new addition to the website that permits users to search, compare and place a vehicle hire booking. Saving time as well as money, this feature has been deployed in time for those looking to book transport for Christmas parties, the remaining sporting events of 2015 as well as wedding and prom cars in preparation for 2017 celebrations.

Visit today and let us know what you think of our new look.

The Guardian Recognises Limo Broker as the UKs Leading Prom Car Hire Provider

school-promWe were overjoyed to speak with The Guardian this week about the modern day prom party, an event that has changed dramatically over time.

Having been in the prom industry for over a decade it is a well-known fact that Limo Broker is extremely knowledgeable on the subject.

Over the past few years it has become apparent that prom celebrations are becoming more and more extravagant. From oversized dresses and bejewelled shoes to hiring hair and make-up specialists, prom and leavers balls are far from understated.

Honing in on this fascinating subject that is prom parties The Guardian spoke of the progression this key event has experienced, seeing the boring school hall disco as extremely out-dated.

‘The humble school disco is almost a thing of the past, with an estimated 85% of UK secondary schools now holding a prom during June or July, the majority for 15- and 16-year-olds after their GCSEs. Estimates vary, but some reckon that British parents are now lavishing £30m a year on the parties.’ Explained Jill Papworth of The Guardian.

We at Limo Broker can confirm that both students and parents alike illustrate a hunger to go all out at prom, hiring the most expensive and spectacular items to ensure they are the key signifier.

This attention can only really be achieved thorough impressive transport. Our Sales Manager, Gareth Brookman, illustrated to the newspaper just how imperative exciting prom car hire has become.

‘In 2014 we’ve seen a huge increase in bookings for parents hiring Lamborghinis and Ferraris to drive their children to prom, spending over £1,000 for this,” explained Gareth.

This need for more innovative car hire choices has encouraged us to widen our fleet, ensuring that we have more super car hire options available throughout the summer months. Working closely with our sister company, Regency, we now boast an impressive fleet of elite sports cars.

Where the Lincoln Towncar is still a popular choice for prom travel 16 and 17 year olds are desperate to experience the exhilaration that cars like Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s have to offer.

In addition to super cars presidential vehicles are also in great demand. From Bentley’s and Jaguars to Rolls Royce’s and Range Rover’s, prom Kings and Queens employ an admirable taste when it comes to prom transport.

If you are looking for prom transport then contact Limo Broker today!

Wedding Car Hire company chauffeur brides Live on ITV’s This Morning

ITV This Morning

ITV This Morning

Although not avid watchers of daytime television we at Limo Broker happened to of caught today’s episode of This Morning, one of the most watched television programmes on the British box.

The programme focused on Brides-to-be and their infamous battle with their weight, wanting to appear perfect on their special day.

Being in the wedding industry ourselves this is a subject that is of great interest to us, paying particular attention to ensuring all brides feel a million dollars when taking their vows.

In a feature entitled Weight Loss Wedding, ITV has honed in on the subject of dieting, offering three lucky brides the opportunity to rid of those extra pounds before they get married.

Taking professional advice and an expert fitness regime, the three brides were today treated to a Range Rover Limousine to take them to boot camp where they will be placed under great observation and encouraged to dramatically change their habits.

The White Range Rover Limousine dazzled down the street, providing the brides will that all-important sense of luxuriousness that achievements should be celebrated with.

We were very happy to see that were the suppliers of this prestigious limousine, a company renowned for extravagant wedding cars.

In a statement released by the firm they stated just how much they enjoyed working alongside ITV.

‘We were thrilled when we were approached by ITV for this particular job. Weight Loss Wedding is a great idea and we thoroughly support anybody trying to give brides confidence on their wedding day.

We felt that the Range Rover Limousine was a fantastic choice for the three brides to travel to bootcamp in and we look forward to hearing their fantastic weight loss stories’

Although wedding car suppliers ourselves we can understand why ITV chose to use Wedding Car Hire. Having been in the luxury hire industry for many years they have become synonymous with the subject, chauffeuring brides and grooms up and down the country.

They seem to be completely occupying industry news of late having being featured in many publications for their Wedding competition (Wedd-In-Car). If you have not heard of this yet take a look and leave us your comments.

Car Hire Firms to Offer Eco-Friendly Vehicles in a Mission to Go Green

The modern concern for the protection of our environment can be seen throughout many industries, especially transport.

ecleanWith being green becoming a trendy subject many seem to be incorporating an eco-friendly aspect into their business procedures. Just last week we at Limo Broker signed a cleaning contact with E Clean, the eco-friendly cleaning company, offering cheap Cardiff office cleaning contracts throughout the city.

On the signing of this ethically made digital contract we felt a sense of pride, knowing that we were actively making a change. Where this was once seen as a pretty ‘hippy’ subject it seems that as a nation the serious topic of reducing our Carbon footprint is at the forefront of our endeavours, both personally and professionally.

Apparently we are not the only car hire company displaying a care for the environment with new reports showing an influx of zero-emission fleets adding to car hire profiles.

It appears that consumer preferences are changing drastically, from cleaning company choices to vehicle hire.

Although more expensive to purchase hire firms understand the necessity to show their customers that they employ a code of conduct that is supportive of the environment. Therefore buying cars that are less harmful to the atmosphere is a fashionable way to add to fleets throughout the country.

Investing in greener technology is now a profitable business application that has been identified by Rhino Car Hire.

Phil Partridge, Marketing Manager at Rhino Car Hire says,

‘We welcome the introduction of green technology to the car hire market and can offer the options at selected destinations. We look forward to a time when the technology becomes cheaper and more commonplace so that ‘going green’ becomes an automatic choice for our customers.’

Mr Partridge does mention this notion of price with ethical avenues offering larger bills. However, at Limo Broker we have found that shopping round is key and there are companies out there offering a cheap eco-friendly service.