JLo Opts for Stretched Limo to Travel to Premiere

Jennifer Lopez, one of the biggest, most recognised music and movie stars of our time, is renowned for living a lavish lifestyle. From flash mansions and high-profile relationships to outlandish hairstyles and revealing dresses, you just never know what you are going to get from the Latino beauty. But, one thing you can be sure of is that wherever she goes, she will be arriving in a luxury limousine or chauffeur car.

Having been papped around the world climbing in and out of beautiful stretched limousines, the 49-year-old ‘Jenny From the Block’ singer holds a real affiliation with the long wheel-base cars. And, we can certainly see why!

Just this week, Lopez was snapped wearing a larger-than-life pink dress; one that was as wide as it was long (and it was pretty long). With such a sizable dress, Lopez arguably has no choice but to opt for a stretched limousine, being the only car that could accommodate such a large outfit.

Travelling to the premiere of her movie, Second Act, Jennifer had a whopping 11 outfit changes, wanting everyone to see her all dressed up. However, it was the Giambattista Valli gown with multiple pink layers that caught the attention of New York. And, what many were impressed with was the way she sat perfectly inside the limo despite the awkward shape of the garment. While the dress was hard to tame, the singer well and truly styled it out when entering and exiting the vehicle.

Here at Limo Broker, the spacious nature of limos is just one of the many reasons we love them. Perfect for brides with big wedding dresses, prom queens with extravagant ball gowns as well as passengers that just want a nice bit of legroom whilst getting from A to B, they are simply fantastic.

Let us know what you think. Did the limo make JLo’s entrance extra special?


Theresa May Locked in Her Limo

It goes without saying that UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, has had a tough week or so. Being in the latter stages of Brexit negotiations, May has travelled the world to finalise details of her proposed deal.

The Conservative leader delayed a parliamentary vote on the Brexit deal this week, having come under great criticism by pretty much everyone.

Having visited Netherlands, Germany and Brussels, May has had her fair share of limo rides. However, yesterday’s trip was by far the most dramatic.

According to reporters, Theresa May was locked inside of her limousine in Germany for a brief while. Locked in the car in front of German leader, Angela Merkel, May was apparently locked in the car for over 10 seconds, with her team having to prise the door open. When finally released, the Prime Minister enjoyed a friendly handshake with Merkel, appearing pretty relieved to be free.

Bedecked in Britain’s Union Flag, the limousine understandably caught the attention of the press, with this awkward encounter publicised to the masses.

It has now been announced that May’s Brexit deal has been pushed back to the House of Commons “before January 21”. A spokesperson claimed that May will review the “spirit” of the EU Withdrawal Act by then. However, Commons authorities suggested that the a deal may to be reached until as late as March 28th; the day before Brexit is scheduled.

There has now been many calls for Theresa May to stand down as Prime Minister. Former Minister, Steve Baker, says it is her “duty” to stand down:

“The Prime Minister believes it is her duty to deliver on the will of the British people and take us out of the EU.”

Mr Baker told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

“If we can’t go forwards with her deal … then I’m afraid the only way to change the policy is to change the Prime Minister, and I really think it’s her duty to go.”

Let us know what you think. Is a dodgy child lock on a limo the least if May’s problems?


Donald Trump Attends Bush Funeral in Luxury Limo

Presidential limos are a subject of complete fascination for us, with authoritative public figures always making big displays of vehicle eccentricity. This is especially the case when it comes to key political events. This is why we were not surprised at the way in which President Donald Trump arrived to the funeral of George HW Bush last week.

A 9-car convoy

According to sources, the American leader arrived at Blair House to visit grieving relatives of the bush family. While a nice gesture, the president has been criticised for arriving in The Beast limousine accompanied by an 8-vehicle motorcade. Trump came under fire for using the 9 motors to travel a mere 250 yards, with many concerned over the environmental impact of just a journey.

Travelling just a few blocks from the White House, it is still unknown whether this 9-car convoy was a security measure or the personal preference of the President’s.

While many have been eager to pass comment on Trump’s decision to travel down the road in this way, former President, Barack Obama, was equally as lavish when it came to transport. Renowned for closing roads in Washington and employing full motorcades, Obama, like Trump, took no risks.

But, this was arguably the work of the Secret Service. In Mrs Michelle Obama’s recent autobiography, she revealed how the Secret Service often requested she or her husband “take the motorcade instead of walking” to Blair House.

A repeat performance

But, this is not the first time Donald Trump has been criticised for choosing a motor over his legs. Last year at the G-7 Summit, Trump was bashed for traveling via golf cart as the rest of the world’s leaders walked and posed for group photographs.

Let us know what you think about this story. Should Trump always place safety as a priority or should he be stretching his legs more? Leave your comments with us.


Free Lamborghini and Rolls Royce When You Purchase a Miami Penthouse

A beautiful and luxurious apartment in Miami is set to sell for $51.55m, coming with a
free Lamborghini Aventador and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

The fully-furnished apartment is nicknamed ‘Palazzo del Cielo’ and is located on top of The
Mansions at Acqualina tower in Sunny Isles beach, perched on the 47th floor of the luxury

What does it have to offer?

The penthouse’ name, Palazzo del Cielo, translates to ‘Palace of the Sky’ and cost millions of
dollars to customise. It has a beautiful marble interior throughout and ceilings as high as 30
feet, featuring four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a terrace with a glass-bottom pool and a

And of course, it comes with a not one, but two brand-new rides;  a Lamborghini Aventador
and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

The Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce

The Acqualina brand is said to be home to the largest collection of privately owned Rolls-
Royce vehicles on the planet.

The 6.5-litre V12 powered Aventador will fit right in on the wealthy and glamorous streets
of Miami, and the Cullinan is arguably the most luxurious vehicle you can get at the moment.

Martin Fritsches, president of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Americas, said:

“No luxury collection is truly complete without a Rolls-Royce Motor Car. This is especially true at the
Acqualina properties, where so many members of our Rolls-Royce family reside.

“Cullinan is the latest addition to our collection and we are thrilled that the new owner of
‘Palazzo del Cielo’ will enjoy this effortless luxury.”

To promote this incredible deal, Rolls-Royce is displaying a bespoke Cullinan in Magma Red
on the property.

So, if you’ve got a spare $51.55m laying around and fancy a new ride – this deal is for you!


EZ-Ultimo: The Limo that’s a 5-star Hotel Inside

As you well know, here at Limo Broker, we love nothing more than an experimental limousine concept, enjoying looking at designs that give us an insight into future travel. This is why this week we were thrilled to learn more about the Renault limo concept; a vehicle that is basically a 5-star hotel built inside a car cabin!

Being the talk of the car manufacturing industry, the limousine is being called the EZ-Ultimo. Unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, the limo quickly became known as “Batman’s limo”. Impressive on every level, from the exterior to the interior, the concept is a great example of how creative manufacturers are getting in the race to autonomous travel.

Forbes explained:

“EZ-Ultimo lives up to its name. It is a grand vision of the future, in which the ultra-rich are chauffeured in opulence befitting royalty.”

A futuristic design

Fit for royalty, the cabin is grand to say the least, created solely to impress important travellers. Set to provide an unparalleled transport experience, the cabin boasts natural materials such as marble, woods and fine leathers, making for a calming atmosphere for passengers. But ‘why is it being compared to a hotel?’ we hear you ask. Well, passengers sit adjacent to one another, with glass panels and plush leather making it not dissimilar to a high-end hotel lobby.

What’s more is that the exterior is nothing but extravagant, with the concept limousine being 19 feet long. Though colossal in size, the car only seats four people, giving four lucky passengers a roomy, relaxed way to travel. The limo is also completely autonomous, meaning there will be no driver, just the wonders of new technology to navigate you around the city.

Let us know what you think. Has Renault given us a hint of what future road travel will be like? Leave your comments with us.