Edward VII Phantom up for Sale

As you will know from our recent posts, we are thoroughly enjoying paying witness to the emergence of great cars. From Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding car to Elvis’ limousines, we are seeing all sorts of high-profile vehicles make their way to the auction house.

This week, we learn that a rare Rolls Royce built for King Edward VII is up for grabs, expected to fetch an attractive £20m at auction.

Customised down to the very last detail, the Phantom 1 saloon was built back in 1927, used primarily by Edward when he was just a Prince. It was also made use of following his father’s death when he became King in 1936.

Famously giving up the throne to wed an America socialite and divorcee, Edward continued using the car for a decade. But, in 1937, his former house waiter purchased the car from him. 

Fast forward a good few years and the car was found amongst a pile of machinery, being put in the capable hands of Rolls Royce specialist, Edward Overton. Over the next 30 years, Overton would take on the restoration task, bringing the stunning vehicle back to its former glory.

Now, the car boasts plush interior, original parts and is lined with pure gold, being a true masterpiece that arguably warrants its £20m price tag. 

Richard Stafford, a specialist with Bonhams, said:

“This is a beautifully-restored example of an early Rolls Royce which is truly fit for a king.”

If the vehicle does get £20m it will go down in history as the most expensive British car of all time. What do you think? Is it worth that figure? Share your thoughts and comments with us. 


Elvis’ Limo up for Auction

Now, we all knew that Elvis Priesley was the king of rock, but did you also know he was the king of the limos? That’s right, the Hound Dog singer actually boasted quite a fabulous collection of cars, said to have owned over 100 vehicles in his time.

But, he was particularly fond of stretched limos, many of which can be found across America on display at museums.

Just this week, it has been announced that one the legend’s motors will go up for auction in California. Presley’s 1967 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine is expected to fetch a fair whack; mainly due to the Limo’s fascinating backstory.

The beautiful limo was actually gifted to the star and his wife, Priscilla, on their wedding day. The present came from “Colonel” Tom Parker, Presley’s manager, presented to them in the late 60’s.

But, for a limo from that era, it is rather revolutionary. Sporting a variety of modern features, Elvis’ limo has power steering, air conditioning, powered windows; the works!

What’s more is that the vehicle became to be known as Elvis’ family car, used regularly by the Rockstar and his loved ones.

And, whoever picks this car up at auction won’t only be receiving a bit of Elvis history but a rather rare, worthy number plate too. The limo will come with its original plate; “1-Elvis” which could alone be worth millions.

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Audi to Launch Electric R8

As you will know from many of our previous posts, we are huge fans of supercars, thrilled to be one of the only UK firms offering access to competitive supercar hire deals.

This is why we are always keen to learn of new supercars being launched, keeping an eye of the incredible cars we could one day be offering our customers.

Today, we were thrilled to learn that German carmakers, Audi, were considering plans to create an all-electric Audi R8, teaming up with Rimic to do so. Rimic are the Croatian firm behind the C Two supercar; the fastest electric car in the world. By forming this collaboration, we can only expect great things from the project, being safe in the knowledge that speed will not be compromised when converting the car to an electric engine.

According to sources, the R8 successor will be called the RS e-Tron and will boast a respectable 950 HP power. The car is rumoured to be being built with a 300-mile range and be able to go from 0-62 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

This will hopefully gain the attention and credibility that Audi’s first hurrah into the world of electric cars did, having received a great response to the e-Tron SUV.  

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Range Rover Evoque Named Small SUV of the Year

As you know from looking at our website, we are big fans of SUVs; cars that demand attention on the road. This is why we are always keen to hire out SUV for weddings, birthday parties, proms and other big events, knowing just what type of impact such cars can make.

Though hiring out all types of SUV brands, we hold a special place in our hearts for the Range Rover Evoque, a stunning SUV that simply ticks all the boxes. And, it seems that we are not the only ones.

Today, the Range Rover Evoque was named SUV of the Year, gaining this prestigious title from the popular website, Auto Express. Topping the list of small SUVs, the Evoque was credited for its design and what it sports under the boot, said to have the whole package

The car was given the seal of approval when road tested by the Auto Express team earlier this year, taking the winning position from the highly sought-after Volvo XC40.

But what is so great about the all-new 2019 model?

Well, according to Auto Express, everything!

Justifying their choice, they said:

“The Evoque has plenty of substance to back up its style. While the exterior isn’t a revolutionary change, the interior has been overhauled, making this now the most interesting, high-quality, luxurious and tech-filled car in its class.”

In addition to the Evoque, the Audi Q3 and Lexus UX were also recommended.

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Top 5 Cars in Kylie Jenner’s Fleet

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner tribe, is known for two things; her huge lips and just-as-huge fleet of luxury vehicles.

Being the world’s youngest billionaire, the make-up tycoon certainly has the funds to buy whatever cars she wants. Today, we pick our top 5 editions in the ever-growing fleet of luxury motors.

Rolls Royce Phantom

For a young girl, Kylie Jenner loves a classic-style Rolls Royce, being particularly fond of the Ghost and Phantom models. Though owning a few of each, she recently parted with $450,000 for the latest marque. But, this is no ordinary Roller, being completely bespoke down to the very last detail.

Lamborghini Aventador

If there is one thing we know about Jenner is that she isn’t afraid to experiment with colour. From sporting bright green hair to wearing black lipstick, whatever style she feels like rocking, she does. This is also the case with her cars, enjoying a bright orange Lamborghini Aventador. Topped off with orange interior and a host of added extras, her Lambo sticks out like a sore thumb, just how she likes it!

G Wagon

The Kardashians broke the internet when they shared posts of their matching Mercedes G Wagons a few months back. However, Kylie’s was certainly the most unique, bought specifically to match her Lambo. Also being bright orange in colour and showcasing the biggest wheels we have ever seen, the stunning SUV arguably warrants its £170,000 price tag.

Vintage Rolls Royce

Famed for ‘throwing it back’ with vintage Chanel clothes and jewellery, it seems Jenner is also a fan of the cars of yesteryear.

Just last year the American beauty was gifted a vintage Rolls Royce Phantom by partner Travis Scott. Being a rather rare model, we wouldn’t even like to guess how much the Astroworld star had to fork out for it.

Stormi’s Roller

That’s right, Kylie Jenner’s baby has a Lamborghini and you don’t.

Said to cost just as much as a real Lamborghini, this ‘Stormiworld’ car was a gift from her rapper father. With a number plate that reads ‘STORMIW3B’, she will certainly be the talk of playgroup.

Let us know what you think, which is the best vehicle within the Jenner fleet?