Cheltenham School Goes All Out with Lavish Prom Cars, Supercars and Buses

As you will know from reading our previous posts, we are keen to promote lavish transport options for proms, being a time in a young person’s life that is both poignant and fun! Marking new beginnings and the end of an era, proms are a huge cause for celebration, meaning they deserve the respect of high-end transport.

This is why we love to see students going all out with their prom cars; something the school leavers of Balcarras School in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, certainly did this week.

Hitting the headlines for their incredible car tastes, Year 11s put on a real display as they arrived at The Cheltenham Regency Hotel in Staverton for their prom party.

Hiring all sorts of eye-catching vehicles, students decided to arrive in various cars and buses. Ranging from stunning Rolls Royces and lorry cabs to Lamborghinis and even a vintage double decker buses, it is safe to say Balcarras School made one hell of an arrival.

Pulling all the stops out, the teachers in charge of organising the event, Sara Roylance and Karen Williams-Holland, were thrilled with the outcome, proud to see so many excitable youngsters letting loose after the exam period.

Mrs Roylance said:

“There was a DJ, an official photographer, photo booths and a buffet.

“The kids were on the dance floor for three hours solid.

“They really had a good time. Some went off to after parties.”

While the music and food will no doubt have been great, many students will remember their journey to and from the hotel, having the pleasure of travelling in some of the greatest prom vehicles we have ever seen.

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Wedding Cars: The Best Burgundy Rolls Royces

If you are your partner are currently on the search for that perfect wedding car, you will no doubt have come across a few bumps in the road. From disagreeing on the brand of car you want to being stuck between modern and vintage options; the whole process is difficult.

This is where we at Limo Broker come in, offering our many years of experience to the blushing brides and grooms of the UK.

One thing that we are hugely passionate about promoting of late is our incredible range of burgundy wedding cars; vehicles that are colourful, good-looking and will be sure to grab the attention of guests.

Below we take a look at the top options you and your other half may want to consider:

  • 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom – The Rolls Royces of yesteryear are just stunning, boasting unique exterior designs that are appreciated across the globe. This is certainly the case when looking at the 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom, with the burgundy variation renowned for impressing wedding guests with its boyish good looks.
  • 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith – From its spacious cabin to its sizable wheels, the 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith should certainly be on your radar. Our burgundy and white marque is truly special, making for the perfect bridal vehicle, especially if adorned in bright white ribbon!
  • 2005 Rolls Royce Ghost – The Ghost is regarded as one of the most visually-stunning Rollers of our time; a modern chauffeur car that is commonly utilised for wedding day transport.

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Saving Money on Luxury Car Hire

If you are in the market for luxury car hire, you will no doubt be looking for the best car for the best possible rate. While many face difficulty finding competitive deals to hire high-end cars such as Rolls Royces, Mercedes and Ferraris, at Limo Broker, we are proud to be different, making cheap luxury car hire possible.

Eager to help our customers access top deals, we today share a few tips with those on a tight luxury car hire budget.

So, if you are counting the pennies but want to hire an impressive vehicle for an upcoming event, read on!

Think about the length of hire

As you would imagine, the longer you hire your limousine or chauffeur car for, the more it will cost you. This is due to the amount of fuel the vehicle will need for the trip, the professional driver’s time and so on.

The time of year you are looking to rent a vehicle

When planning your car hire journey, think about the time of year you are looking at. This is because supply and demand will have a huge impact on price. Basically, during peak times such as prom season, wedding season and Christmas, limos and chauffeur cars will be highly in demand. This is why if you are booking last minute, you may see the rate you are being quoted hike up. So, if you are looking for cars during peak season, booking early is advised.

The type of car or limo you are hiring

If you are looking to hire a rare, one-of-a-kind vintage Rolls Royce, you will inevitably have to pay for the privilege. This is something you should consider when shopping through options, understanding that more common cars are likely to be cheaper to rent.

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Spacious Wedding Cars

When looking for your all-important wedding cars, you will no doubt have a few needs and wants. While everyone has different tastes and desires, spaciousness is an attractive quality that most couples require from their vehicles.

This is why at Limo Broker, we take a look at some of the most stylish, spacious cars within our wedding fleet.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Famed for its iconic look and ability to turn heads when in transit, the Rolls Royce Phantom ticks pretty much every box we can think of when it comes to wedding car hire. This is certainly the case when thinking about comfort, boasting a spacious cabin that can perfectly accommodate even the largest of wedding dresses.

Rolls Royce Ghost

Equally as large is the Ghost. While enjoying a sportier, modern look, the British carmakers retain their focus on luxury and comfort with the Rolls Royce Ghost. This is why the Ghost is commonly hired by brides and grooms wanting to unwind and really enjoy their journey to the wedding venue.

Lincoln Towncar Limo

If you are passionate about having legroom when travelling to and from the wedding venues of the day, you may want to explore limousine hire. With centre-facing seats and often featuring champagne fridges, limousines such as the Lincoln Towncar prove pretty perfect for many blushing brides and grooms.

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Rolls Royce Appoint Partner Charity

From our amazing Rolls Royce hire deals to our constant blogging about new cars within the Rolls Royce fleet, it is safe to say we are pretty honest when it comes to our obsession with the British carmakers.

Being such a reputable, ethical brand, it is hard not to be in our opinion! And, when we think they cannot get any better, they launch a new employee incentive, further positioning themselves as a great place to work.

According to sources, Rolls Royce employees have been voting for charitable causes that they want the brand to support. The initiative, called the House Charity, has this week been appointed. Home-Start Arun, Worthing & Adur, will now gain the support of the British manufacturers throughout 2019.

The charity, focused on enriching the lives of young people and families, is understandably thrilled to have partnered with the multimillion-pound organisation.

Catherine Hobson, Business Development Manager at Home-Start Arun, Worthing & Adur said:

“Home-Start is delighted to be the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars House Charity for 2019. Home-Start supports local families going through challenging times and demand is stronger than ever. We have more families with under fives needing support than we currently have resources for, and demand is increasing. We have an ambition of supporting 170 families with over 400 children this year. Our volunteers make a tangible difference to the lives of parents to ensure the best start in life for their children”.

Andrew Ball, Head of Corporate Relations, Heritage and Philanthropy at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said:

“Rolls-Royce is proud to be making a long-standing and positive contribution in our local community by supporting local charities. Our employees go to great lengths to support the House Charity every year and we look forward to seeing what creative initiatives they come up with for Home-Start in 2019”.

Rolls Royce cars

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