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Many cars on the market place great focus on their independency, carrying out many duties without instruction. Technology in vehicles uses initiative, activating features in accordance to the conditions it experiences.

From the ignition of windscreen wipers, light control and auto-parking, technology in vehicles is constantly being revised with new incorporations taking the world by storm on a regular basis.

2014 Audi CES Keynote

Audi, the German carmakers are to take the development of technology in cars to the next level, putting immense emphasis on the ‘auto’ in automobile. They are the world’s largest carmakers, holding a passionate agenda to construct apparatus that will introduce the driverless car to the transport market. If any organisation holds the expertise to pull off such a project it is Audi.

In the 2014 Audi CES Keynote presentation, Chairman and CEO of Audi, Rupert Stadler, used a touch screen computer to enable attendants to visualise the ground-breaking features this new car will employ.

If lived out the first vehicle will mark a revolution in the transport industry, a state of modernity that none of us have thought to be possible.

“We are not reinventing the car, we are redefining mobility,” said the chairman of Audi, Rupert Stadler.

2014 Audi CES Keynote

Such features will allow driverless vehicles to talk to each other, vehicle-to-vehicle interaction that could influence the end of accidents on the road. The control will be completely taken away from the driver with the car deciding when to swerve and break, a scary yet exciting thought.

Audi is working on technology that will read speed signs as well as traffic light systems, reducing the numbers of traffic offences dramatically. From a government perspective this introduction to the industry could illuminate crime of this nature but there seems to be skepticism.

Government legislation is threatening to slow down its introduction and worries how much control should be taken away from the driver.

Audi has developed new automated driving systems using radars, lasers, cameras, ultrasonic sensors as well as a a built-in navigation system  to enable cars to “pilot” themselves. This scares the government, as the unknown technology is a great gamble that will see an overhaul on so many divisions of the industry from mechanics to insurance.

Audi is in a race with fellow German car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen to be first to introduce the technology onto our roads. Sweden’s Volvo and Japan’s Toyota are chasing automated driving systems also.

What do you think, who will win the race to introduce the first driverless car if anyone?

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