Always a popular choice with customers looking for a comfortable, reliable and stylish luxury car, the Audi A6 has just received a mid-life upgrade to help it keep up to date with competitors such as the Mercedes E Class and the BMW 5 Series. Already an exceptionally good-looking car, the company has kept external tweaks to a minimum, with just a few updates to the front and rear lights, bumpers and grilles keeping the overall design modern and fresh-looking. The real changes, however, have been on the inside.

Using more hot-shaped steel and aluminium than before the designers have managed to create a more lightweight model, which combines with its new petrol and diesel engines to create an altogether more efficient vehicle which meets Euro 6 emissions targets. Depending on preference, customers can choose from a range of three petrol and five diesel engines that emit up to 22% less CO2 than those featured in the former model. The best choices for the environmentally conscious will be the 1.8 litre FSI ‘Ultra’ petrol engine – which emits just 133g/km of CO2 while consuming 5.1 l/100km of fuel – or the turbocharged 2.8 litre diesel engine, which emits 109g/km of CO2 while consuming 4.2 l/100km of fuel.

There’s good news for those in the market for a family car too – Audi has also updated the A6 Avant, which boasts all the features of the sedan into a roomy vehicle that can take up to 1680 litres of luggage.