Where many believe in the phrase ‘less is more’ we at Limo Broker could not disagree more, believing that the bigger the limo the better the ride. Being such passionate assenters of the stretched limo you can imagine our excitement when finding out that the custom-made XJR supersaloon limo can reach speeds on 170mph.

Built by British coach-builder Wilcox Limousines, the vehicle employs a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine pushing out an impressive 542bhp. Having been creating limousines and hearses from Jaguar cars since 1969 the company is now an approved partner of Jaguar, permitted to stretch and amend any of their marques.

The amendment trend

starline 4

This is just one example of mechanics and builders restructuring models with the latest party bus to hit the UK, The Starline Limo Bus, being created from a Mercedes Printer. Dubbed ‘the future of luxury transportation’ it seems we are in an age of limo revolution, with manufacturers all over the world trialling and testing new things. The creators on the Starline say:

‘The modern market now want something a little more from their vehicles, especially if they are just hiring them for a short while. This has fed this latest trend in vehicle stretching and engine amendment with people craving faster speeds and more exciting vehicle features’.

Starline 2

Built with a unique set of features inside the limo bus you will find:

  • Two flat-screen televisions
  • A Karaoke machine with thousands of songs
  • A surround sound system
  • A Champagne bar and fridge
  • Ice storage
  • Disco lighting (with a lazar show feature)
  • Glittered carpet and ceiling
  • Wi-Fi

Where did our love for limos come from?

According to Stretching It: The Story of the Limousine:

‘Limos originated in the early 1900s. The first cars were simple covered coaches with drivers, a great luxury for many.’

‘The words ‘limousine’ and ‘chauffeur’ have roots in the pre-1900 days of carriages and trains whereby professional drivers and ‘stokers’ would manage the vehicles, seeing passengers inundated with luxury.

‘Limousines quickly became associated with wealth and status as aristocrats, film stars and presidents emerged from their doors. Entrepreneurs eventually saw the value in expanding the cars’ accessibility.’

Let us know what you think, do you prefer traditional limos to these new extravagant models? Leave your thoughts with us.