Exactly a week after they announced their engagement, it’s been confirmed today that Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry at Westminister Abbey on Friday April 29th 2011.

The wedding day will almost certainly be declared a national holiday so workers across the UK can take the day off to enjoy the biggest royal wedding for 30 years. April 29th 2011 is also quite aptly, St Catherine’s Day.

This will mean a 4 day break for Brits as the Monday following the wedding is the May Day Bank Holiday. And the good news doesn’t end there as the previous weekend is Easter, meaning workers in the UK will enjoy two 4-day breaks in two weeks.

The prince’s private secretary, Jamie Lowthe-Pinkerton confirmed the date and venue for the wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William, adding that the newly engaged couple are “completely over the moon” at having set a date for their big day. The private secretary also revealed that the bride and groom-to-be are “very much in charge” of the plans for the wedding.

It’s also been confirmed that Prince Charles and the Queen will fund the big day, while Kate’s family are also keen to contribute financially to the wedding. However the taxpayer will have to pick up the bill for policing the event.

Following Kate’s private visit to Wetsminster Abbey last week, the venue was tipped as the favourite to host the royal wedding. Today it was confirmed that the couple had chosen the Abbey for their ceremony which offers room for 2,000 guests, and it’s also a stone’s throw from Parliament Square where people can congregate to celebrate the nuptials.

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