Boxers are renowned for their flamboyancy both inside and outside of the ring, with the sport being a competition of both physical and financial power. With boxers such a Floyd Mayweather renowned for their excessive vehicle buying and self-endorsements on social media it was only a matter of time before heavyweight newcomer, Anthony Joshua, joined the trend.

Appearing to show an affiliation with cars sporting attitude the World Champion boxer is said to have his eye on a £600,000 Rolls Royce Phantom limo, a unique limousine that currently resides in Birmingham.

Joshua tweeted an image of himself with the Phantom to his 612,000 followers, stating: ‘Work… That’s all a brother’s working with.’

Hiring the stretched limo for a private VIP event Joshua was so impressed with the limo that he made the owners an offer, wishing to add the limo to his own, already-impressive, private fleet.

But John Smith, owner of Birmingham’s Phantom Limo Hire, turned down the 26-year-old’s proposal, evidently being too much of a valuable feature of his fleet.

Daniel Ford of Limo Broker says:

‘Although £600,000 sounds like a considerable amount of money, and a hard sum to refuse, the agency would lose a lot from selling this limo. As well as enjoying constant bookings from wealthy individuals just having this limo on their books is great for business image, putting them one step ahead of local competitors’.

Famous faces


Boxer David Hayes and Amir Khan have both hired this very limo in the past, with the Phantom evidently attracting the big names of the world due to its originality. Having both posed next to the Phantom for Instagram pictures is seems this limo showcases all the qualities such boxers wish to prevail; status and wealth.

Ash Khan, the manager of the Bordesley business, said:

‘His management got in touch and asked if we could pick Anthony up in the Rolls Royce stretch Phantom.’

‘It is the only one of its kind in Europe. American boxer Floyd Mayweather Junior also has one, so it’s the ultimate status symbol.’ He continues.

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