Are Rolls Royce planning an electric Phantom?

Are Rolls Royce planning an electric Phantom?

Reports are emerging that Rolls Royce are planning to jump on the eco bandwagon and provide an electric vehicle of their own. It has been suggested that The Rolls Royce Phantom will be the first vehicle to get the green make-over.

A hapless Rolls Royce employee added fuel to fire when he accidentally made a comment to the media at U.K motoring event, Goodwood Revival. The unnamed source apparently dropped hints that Rolls Royce were developing an electric car after mentioning lithium-ion battery packs during a discussion with a journalist.

The Chief Executive of Rolls Royce, Tom Purves, has made no secret of his admiration for environmentally friendly cars. Only last year, after taking the electric Mini for a spin, Mr Purves commented on how impressed he was with the vehicle. He said in an interview with Car magazine that an electric power plant would be perfect for Rolls Royce, adding: “We stand for unmatched refinement and you can’t get a quieter and less intrusive engine than a well-engineered electric motor.”

The insightful Rolls Royce boss said he could foresee a time when conventional gas-guzzling vehicles are banned from city centers and urban districts. With the introduction of strict congestion areas in U.K cities it’s likely this prediction is pretty close to the mark.

Given Mr. Purves’s comments, it’s fair to expect that Rolls Royce have some substantial electric car plans up their sleeve.

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