An exciting affiliate scheme has been launched by the UK’s leading limousine rental provider this week. Limo Broker are calling for businesses operating in the event industry to join their affiliate marketing scheme including photographers, DJs and bands, wedding and event planners, florists, accommodation providers, entertainment venues, caterers, make-up artists and hairdressers. All bookings received by Limo Broker as a direct result of an enquiry receive through the affiliate’s website will receive a fixed rate cash payment, just for passing the enquiry onto Limo Broker.

All companies interested in joining Limo Broker’s affiliate scheme can register their details via the main Limo Broker website. The affiliate scheme effectively enables the affiliate to make money for nothing as they will receive a fixed rate payment for every booking made with Limo Broker by a user who submitted their enquiry via the quote form on the affiliate’s website. The fixed rate payment received by the affiliate for every booking means they are paid a guaranteed amount by Limo Broker for each booking.

Being an affiliate of a leading national company such as Limo Broker brings with it a certain amount of kudos, giving visitor’s to the affiliate’s website the confidence that the company is well established and has strong links within its industry. A whole host of business providers are encouraged to join Limo Broker’s affiliate scheme, it’s completely free to join and you could start earning cash bonuses immediately by utilising the traffic coming through their own website.

Whether you run an entertainment venue, wedding venue or a hotel, or maybe you make cupcakes for weddings or you provide furniture hire for events, maybe you’re an event organiser, party planner, florist, freelance makeup artist, hairdresser, a DJ or singer, you can benefit from the new Limo Broker affiliate scheme by registering your details and having a Limo Broker quote form added to your business website.

Visit Limo Broker now for more information on how you can benefit from the new Limo Broker affiliate scheme and to register your company details.