Neil Percival, 49, a well-known figure within the UK’s limo industry is in a coma after becoming very ill suddenly while on holiday. Neil, who owns A1 Stretch in St Albans, fell seriously ill while in Spain and was immediately rushed to hospital. Doctors initially believed it to be food poisoning but it was later found out to be a serious infection. His condition worsened so he was taken to hospital where he was put into a medically induced coma to allow his body to heal. In the next few days, he will be transferred to a heart hospital in Palma, Spain. He has been diagnosed as having Septic Shock, which they believe he contracted from a hospital procedure he had undergone a month before. Septic Shock has a survival rate of between 25 and 50%.

Neil, who has a pacemaker, will have to have it removed and refitted in order to treat the infection and help him to fight it.

Neil’s family and friends have travelled over to the Spanish hospital to be by his side while he fights the infection. Co-owner of A1 Stretch, Eddy Ellis, has also gone over.

Everyone at Limo Broker wishes Neil all the best and hopes he gets well very soon.