A brand new wedding limo has been created from five different cars

A brand new wedding limo has been created from five different cars

Despite being unable to import a limousine, a Gazan firm have successfully created one with parts from five different car models.

This creation came after wedding planner Salama al-Odi wanted to import a limousine but was unsuccessful. He wanted to do this to offer luxury car from his business, Farha.

Israeli officials have stated that they avoid importation of vehicles to prevent weapons entering the country. However, UN officials have reportedly demanded for the blockade to be lifted.

Unemployment has spread approximately 45 per cent and so the company have responded with creativity. The project gave roughly 30 designers a job.

“It took us three months and $21,000 (19,500 euros)” to build the vehicle, whose interior with curtains was completely conceived in Gaza,” Odi said.

The designs have been reported as a cross-over between a spaceship and a car. The roof is rounded in comparison to what would have been the original top of the car. Additionally, the model includes hand painted designs printed on the sides of the limousine.

The final touches are reportedly being done and the first ever bride and groom to hire the limo will be able to test is as soon as Thursday. Odi has stated that the car will be available at an affordable rate for young couples getting married. This is due to many weddings being delayed due to lack of financial resources in Gaza.

He also said that the limo will be a symbol to “not give in to the restrictions”, which are imposed by Israel to its citizens.

“You have to answer by inventing and embarking on an adventure” he continued.

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