If you are a supercar fan then you will be well aware of the brand Lamborghini; an Italian manufacturer that focuses heavily on speed. However, it has been a big week for the company, having dominated the headlines for their innovative ways.

Breaking records

Just this week, the Lamborghini Huracan broke the half-mile record, trumping previous hypercars with a time of 259.67 mph. Reiterating its fast nature, the Huracan boasts one of the most ferocious engines around.

Bieber’s choice of vehicle

In addition to taking this prestigious title, the Lamborghini Aventador has also been given an international platform by none other than Justin Bieber. Snapchatting the delivery of his custom $500,000 supercar, the pop sensation brands the car ‘baby girl’ in a series of social media posts. Delivered straight to his hotel, the Canadian singer went for red, with fans going crazy for his new rouge wheels. Giving his loyal followers a tour of the cabin, it appears the Lamborghini is the latest involved in Bieber’s turbulent love life.

The fastest camera car in the world

Being impressed by the car’s capabilities and undeniably fabulous performance, it’s no wonder the speed of the Lamborghini is being captured by camera. This week, an adapted Lamborghini Huracan was named as the world’s fastest camera car, expected to be used in thrilling films and to record adrenaline-pinching races.

A new addition to the team

Said to be inspired by the Terzo Millennio concept, Lamborghini are rumoured to be releasing a limited edition hypercar; one that is expected to outshine all previous creations. Making 63 of these all-power hypercars, a representative from the brand confirms:

“Soon we will present to our most important customers a new version of what we call a one-off.”

From camera cars and limited edition vehicles to high-profile celebrity purchases, it has been a big week for the Italian brand; who knows what next week will bring?