A man pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud while appearing at Warwick Crown Court this week after it was discovered that he’d used a stolen credit card to pay for a £850 chauffeur driven limo ride around Birmingham last September.

26-year-old George Awida, originally from Egypt, was found to have entered Britain illegally and was staying at a bed and breakfast in the West Midlands at the time of the incident. It later transpired that Awida had stolen the credit card details of Margaret Everall, who owned the B&B where the illegal immigrant was staying.

Limousine hire company, Royal Limos, alerted the police to Awida after he racked up a £850 limo trip on a credit card which he claimed belonged to his mother, and later tried to book a second limo hire ride, this time to Manchester.

The limo chauffeur also found a small amount of cannabis in the limousine after returning to the limo depot after chauffeuring Awida around the Birmingham city. The defendant also pleaded guilty to possession of a small amount of cannabis.

The limo hire firm reported how the defendant had told the chauffeur he was an American visiting the UK and that his father was an ambassador, adding that he felt nervous as he usually travelled with a bodyguard.

In court the 26-year-old Egyptian’s limo jaunt and stories of bodyguards were branded an “escapade of complete fantasy”.

Awida has sentenced to serve 70 days in prison, however the solicitor acting on behalf of the defendant pointed out that Awida had already spent over two months in custody on remand.