Officials in the UK are carrying out roadside checks on limos during the school prom season

A total of eight limousines travelling to a school prom in Derbyshire last week failed the spot checks which were carried out in conjunction with the local council and the Vehicle Operator Standards Agency (VOSA).

The South Derbyshire council also targeted another school prom in the local area just two weeks previously in a bid to crack down on unsafe limos travelling to proms, and potentially putting young prom-goers at risk.

A number of vehicle problems were uncovered by the investigation. Issues with a lack of power steering and seat belts, and also problems relating to tyres were discovered by the officials carrying out the checks.

The eight prom limos which failed the spot checks have been handed prohibition notices which ban them from operating until they can prove that the issues which were uncovered have been resolved and that the limousine is now roadworthy.

With the school prom season starting to get underway, limo operators are being warned to expect these kinds of spot checks up and down the country as officials strive to stamp out illegal limo providers throughout the UK.

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