If you have never had the pleasure of travelling in a limo then it can be hard to imagine, with limousines offering such a unique transport experience. At Limo Broker we encourage our customer’s to make the most of their time in our vehicle’s; only operating cars, buses and coaches that amaze.

Here are a few suggestions of things to do when hiring limo with Limo Broker.

Tour the city



Many choose to hire a limo for a prolific event such as a birthday, wedding or a business trip, wanting to give this particular occasion the attention it deserves. With such events requiring you to travel out of your hometown a limo can help you explore your surroundings in style, with our driver’s passionate about enhancing your time in the area.

As well as offering impeccable transport solutions we also provide limo tours in all UK cites, creating tailored routes to suit all tastes.

Have a selfie binge


The places you can feel guilt-free about taking a selfie are few and far between, so when we do find an exclusive spot out comes the iPhone. A Limo Broker limo provides the perfect environment to take a few snaps, capturing the moments where fun memories are made. 

Enjoy a cold glass of champagne



Many of the limos within our fleet come with champagne fridges and ice storage, speaking to everyone’s indulgent needs. If you are hiring a limo for a celebratory occasion then what better way is there to travel than with a cold class of bubbles in hand?

Listen to music



Built with top of the range sound systems our limos double up as nightclubs on wheels, with our driver’s permitting you to bring your own music on board. We see many groups of friends wanting to enjoy their own taste of music when out on the road, where others prefer to wind down to music from our collection.

If music is of importance to you then why not hire one of our vehicles with a karaoke machines in? The Starline limo bus is a very popular option amongst music lovers, with the built-in karaoke machine automatically updated with the latest songs from the charts.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

With limousines being such vivacious vehicles just being sat in one can be enough fun, laying back and enjoying the smooth ride on offer.

To book your limousine call Limo Broker today and learn about the many options at hand.