2021: The year BMW’s i division will release driverless tech  

2021: The year BMW’s i division will release driverless tech  

While driverless tech is very much still in its infancy, it appears BMW are eager to take over competitors, with company representatives now claiming to ‘trickle out’ the driverless tech in their i division in 2021. With the i division renowned for its forward-thinking creations, it comes as no surprise that BMW would enter the race to becoming a driverless tech giant, claiming to be ‘nearly there’ when it comes to technology.
BMW senior vice president, Hildegard Wortmann, has told Autocar of the brand’s plans for driverless car domination, claiming their innovation to be the key to their long-lived success in the world of car tech.
“With BMW i, the i is not electric – otherwise it would have been an e – the i is for innovation and incubator function,” she said.

“We always said the first generation for BMW i would be focused on the incubator function for electro mobility, but BMW i will move on and you will see that in our 2021 car.

Wortmann said that beyond 2021, things would only accelerate (pardon the pun).

“[The i brand] will always stand for the latest, very specific stuff,” she continued. “It gives us a great chance to come up with cool stuff without having to go to the wider range immediately.

“When we launched the i brand the focus was on EVs. Now it’s on autonomous technology, but after that, the focus will move on.”
While such creation is set to make the tradition chauffer driver obsolete, we at Limo Broker could not be more excited to see cars driving themselves around the streets of the UK. But for now, we will just stick to self-drive i8 hire.
Let us know what you think about the world’s obsession with driverless cars? Are we nearly there or is 2021 a little optimistic? Leave your comments on the subject with us.

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