Wanting to entice new customers without excluding existing ones Rolls Royce are still on a mission to create performance cars, traditionally known for focusing on style and panache. Their latest release, the 2016 Wraith Black Badge, is a prime example of this, boasting completely separate characteristics to its predecessors.


With enhanced performance as well as modernised styling the car pays homage to its past while catapulting the brand into new realms, geared towards a younger market than the Wraith has previously sought to attract. Hailed for its handling, performance, usability and feel-good factor the car seems to be ticking all of the boxes, seemingly built entirely from customer demand.

New-money buyers


Where Rolls Royce owners tend to be older businesspeople Rolls Royce claim to be responding to demands from new-money buyers, seeing an influx of younger riches eager to buy powerful vehciles.

According to Car Magazine

‘A significant subset of youthful, new-money buyers have approached the company looking for a less stately, more edgy kind of Rolls. The Black Badge series is Goodwood’s response.’


Mechanical changes

The Wraith’s twin-turbo 6.6-litre V12 engine has seen its torque output increased by 52lb ft to a whopping 642lb ft. While a significant change the output remains the same. With the Wraith the most powerful of the Rolls Royce convoy sources say that there was no need to increase the power, with the 624bhp being perfectly adequate.

In addition the Wraith Badge also enjoys a new gearbox with specific software mapping, with the impressive sport mode holding gears longer and encouraging that Rolls Royce roar that we all know and love. Set to be rolled out into all of the Rolls Royce vehicles the brand has set itself new limits, especially under the bonnet.

‘This mode works in conjunction with a new throttle map, which alters the timing and speed of gearshifts according to how hard the driver pushes the pedal towards the plush carpet, and takes away the deliberate delay built into the standard Wraith’s pullaway response – a legacy of Rolls’ traditional chauffeur-centric setups’ the Car Magazine explains.

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