Party buses are very popular with youngsters travelling to school proms

A celebration for a 17th birthday onboard a party bus ended disaster after two teenage girls fell out of the side of bus as it took a bend in the road.

The party bus was travelling in Langley, Canada last Friday evening when the incident took place. Police witnessed the teenagers tumble from the party bus while it was moving. The emergency services were called and one of the girls was taken to hospital having sustained head injuries. She was released later that night after receiving medical treatment. The other girl escaped from the accident unscathed.

Party buses are a very popular form of transport both in Canada and the UK for celebrating special occasions. One of reasons they are favoured by youngsters for birthday parties or school proms is that they offer room for more passengers than the average limousines, plus many party buses have onboard dance floors and karaoke machines which are an added attraction. Limo Broker offers party bus hire all over the UK, see this link for more details

Following the accident in Canada, the party was brought to an abrupt end after police boarded the party bus and questioned a number of witnesses including the chaperon and the driver. Witnesses reported that someone onboard the vehicle had pushed the emergency exit open as the party bus turned the corner.

The company which supplied the party bus says they are looking into the possibility of having an alarm installed which sounds if the emergency exit is opened to avoid a similar situation arising.

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