£1m Stretched G Wagon Limo makes its debut

£1m Stretched G Wagon Limo makes its debut

As you know, here at Limo Broker, we do love a novelty vehicle, and in our opinion, the bigger the limo, the better! This is why we were thrilled to learn of a limo-stretching project taking place in Canada, seeing custom carmakers, Inkas, present an amazing Mercedes-AMG G63 stretched limousine. Said to cost an extraordinary $1.2M (£1M), the G Wagon now boasts new and improved interior and is one higher armour level.

Impressive features

But, it is not just about impressive looks. Under the bonnet, owners can enjoy the 563 horsepower from the 5.5-liter V8 engine installed, still seeing the large off-roader get to high speeds quickly.

Measuring at 6186mm long, 2055mm wide and 1951mm tall, the car is truly tremendous; one in which we would be honoured to offer for hire to a UK market.

A cabin like no other

  • Fully-reclining massage seats
  • A 4K flatscreen television
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Siri controls
  • A custom-made bar with a built-in coolbox
  • A ‘daylight’ headliner “specifically calibrated to mimic real sunlight”.

While showcasing everything you would require for a limo ride for a hen party, stag party or any other celebratory event, this stretched limo will most likely be used for security purposes.

Safety is a priority

Though there are many exciting, fun features, safety sits at the centre of this vehicle. Its creators have incorporated advanced body armour and ballistic glass, giving passengers an undeniably safe trip. Other safety precautions include infrared and thermal cameras, a bulletproof exterior and much more.

How much will one of these G-Wagons cost?

Inkas will be charging close to $1.2M for a full, customised vehicle of this kind. What do you think. Is that a hefty price tag? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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