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Hired Lamborghini wedding car crashed by groom driving to ceremony

A groom in Australia had plenty of explaining to do when he arrived at his own wedding on foot, despite having forked out thousands of dollars to hire a Lamborghini as his wedding car. The unlucky groom was left red faced after the white sports car, intended for use as his wedding car on his special day, ended up bonnet-first in a fence after the groom slipped on a wet

Forklift truck wedding car has special meaning for couple in China

A bride and groom in China travelled to their wedding in the front basket of a forklift truck earlier this month as the couple wanted to commemorate the vehicle which brought them together. Forklift truck driver, Kong Qing Yang met his now wife, Shen Likun, when he went to buy a forklift truck from her at the company where she worked as a salesperson. After the initial meeting at the

Smallest wedding car transports couple on their big day in Hereford

A couple from Hereford arrived at their wedding reception in what was surely, one of the smallest wedding cars ever seen. It took the newlyweds, Nicky Davies and Ben Williams, almost 15 minutes to squeeze into the diminutive Peel car, with the bride’s train on her wedding dress taking the most time to contain within the miniature car. The mini wedding car was provided by friend of the groom, Faizal

Wedding car procession made up of diggers

One budget savvy groom from China had the brain wave of swapping an elegant procession of luxury wedding cars, for a fleet of decorated diggers to help save money on transport for his big day. The groom, Zhang Zongqiang, works for a heavy machinery company so getting his hands on a procession of JCB diggers wasn’t a problem. The 35-year-old hoped the idea would save him and his wife-to-be money,

Bride ditches the wedding car and arrives onboard a yak

Yesterday was one of the biggest days of the year for weddings with thousands of couples across the world queuing up to get married on the special date of 10/10/10. China saw more weddings on this date than any other part of the world as the number 10 is especially lucky in Chinese culture as it’s symbolic of completion and perfection. One Chinese couple were determined to have a wedding

Wedding limo replaced by wedding bus by footie mad couple from Sunderland

A couple from Herrington who are both die-hard fans of their local football team, Sunderland FC, decided to incorporate their love of the club into their wedding day. David Murphy and Victoria Anderson chose to have a wedding with a red, white and black colour scheme to chime in with the colours of Sunderland FC. In homage to the occasion in 1973 when Sunderland won the FA cup in Wembley

Ipswich groom swaps wedding limo for articulated lorry

For trucker Robert White, there was only one way to arrive at his wedding. The 32 year old did away with the traditional wedding limo in favour of something a little more familiar. Not only did Mr White roll up to the church in a massive lorry, he also convinced his bride to ditch the limo and do likewise. The bride was driven by the best man in the huge

Wedding limo slapped with parking fine whilst waiting for the bride and groom

A white wedding limousine was issued with a parking fine whilst waiting outside Birmingham Registry office. Despite the fact the luxury limo was decorated in ribbons and flowers especially for the wedding and had a suited chauffeur sitting inside, the overzealous traffic warden went ahead and dispensed the fine. According to the chauffeur of the limo, the canny traffic warden wrote the ticket out from a distance whilst he was