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Coach Company bosses stripped of licences after involvement with rogue limo operator

The two owners of a Walsall-based coach company have been stripped of their licences after they were found to have helped a rogue limo boss continue operating. Fazal Hussain and Mohammed Arshad jointly ran Manor Buses and Coaches. They were found to have leant their operator licences to Darryl Williams of Red Hot Rescue limo hire company. Mr Williams was taken to court this year and banned from operating after

Novelty limo hire firm puts vehicles up for sale on EBay after a damning report by the Traffic Commissioner

As detailed in a previous article on Limo News, the troubled limo hire company Redhot Rescue and Oddball Limos based in Bilston has been forced to sell its limos after the business was investigated by the Traffic Commissioner. The business, owned by Darryll Williams, was found to be in breach of several safety laws which meant Mr Williams had to temporarily suspend trading. However it seems the company’s plans to

Rogue limo operator “on hold” for Novelty Limos

A midlands-based novelty limo operator has been condemned for several breaches of safety regulations by a government-appointed commissioner. Oddball Limos ltd and Redhot Rescue ltd, both based near Bilston near Wolverhampton, were recently the subject of an 11 page report detailing the many illegal activities undertaken by the rogue firm. Both companies operate a fleet of ‘novelty’ limousines which provide an unusual experience. Examples of their fleet include a converted