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Is the limo jet the ultimate party vehicle?

A limousine created from the body of a jet could well be the ultimate party vehicle. The unique vehicle has been created in Mexico by Martin Vaca who heads up his own company, Vaca Limousines, creating innovative limousines using parts from other vehicles. Vaca Limousines based in Guadalajara in Mexico bought the body of a former jet plane and set to work turning it into an impressive party limo 6

Batmobile limo spotted in New York

An eagle-eyed limo enthusiast managed to capture a photograph of what could be the only batmobile limo in the world. The unique limousine was snapped whilst it was held up in traffic on a busy New York road by a passer-by. The owner of the limo and its history remains a mystery and all we have to go on is these exclusive pictures. The eye catching limo has been made