Chauffeur Driver Tries to Lure Children into Limo

Chauffeur Driver Tries to Lure Children into Limo

A Chagrin Falls man has reportedly tried to usher young boys into his limo, an action all parents fear.

The 67 year old has been named as Robert Knost, a chauffeur driver whose profession is synonymous with trust and safety. News of this nature really does instil anxiety in parents who cannot even let their children walk down a busy road due to thoughts that actions of this kind may occur.

The driver had allegedly been enticing two 12 year old boys into his car close to Aurora Road in Solon. Posing as an undercover cop and bodyguard for celebrities he flashed a gold badge in persuasion.

Asking the two boys if they wanted to take pictures inside the car the boys luckily declined and searched for help.

The two minors called their parents to tell them what had happened. Officers soon found a man matching the limo driver’s description very nearby. The police took him into custody for Criminal Child Enticement and for carrying a concealed weapon after finding a 9mm gun on his possession.

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